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« on: December 27, 2017, 07:19:32 PM »
Hi folks,

First of all, Hi! I am new to community; long-term holder of Net (2014).

I am actively trying to promote Net via my friends and colleagues because I see the benefits of this coin; however am met by the following comments whenever I try to set them up with a wallet. So, without telling you guys how to do your job, please could I make the following suggestions that might help this great coin gain a bit more traction.

1.) They come to this site and its not TLS - This could be easily sorted for free and automated using a free CA such as Lets Encrypt, etc. and would help gain a bit more trust from potential users. I can help you guys out with this if you like.

2.) I point them to download a wallet for either their Macs / Windows / Linux machines, and for the most part this is straight forward; however with the latest release 2.5.2 in order to gain any connections to the network one must manually add nodes.  This is easy on a Windows box, but Mac's I have no idea where the .conf file is.  This is where most people comment - "this should just work straight away, why is it so complicated".  Again, this would be easily rectified with either a) a comprehensive guide for all platforms b) an update to the wallet code?

I am willing to help you out with any of the above, just reply / drop me a PM.