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Start Here : Information
« on: September 26, 2015, 04:34:50 AM »
Under Review --> This topic isn't a commit yet as forums still under development with site

This forum is for public projects that wish to receive funding. The netcoin foundation in conjunction with pledgers of funds will release funds to aspiring projects that are transparent, ethical and in the interest of furthering netcoin and digital currency.

By this we mean

- Provide proof of some form regularly that the funds given are being used towards the project. This can be as simple as pictures, status updates and progress on your website. You are expected to do this regularly to continue receiving funds. The foundation will monitor all projects. In a way we think you'll agree this is fair. You get funding and the community gets to read about your interesting work.

- Your receive netcoin address will be published for people to track on the blockchain. Its half expected that these funds will arrive at an exchange to be converted to spendable fiat / bitcoin. Any evidence of these coins being moved to a mixer of any kind or arriving at other non exchange known addresses will result in immediate funding cuts and explanations required. The onus will be on you to prove this isn't the case before being removed.

- It is expected that if you are to take funding that you will yourself return some funding in pledges. After a period of time deemed by the foundation funding may stop. It may be that you are now self funded and sufficient or it may be that you have had extended funding that needs to be ended so others can have a chance (our funding pool is not unlimited). At this point it is expected that you would give a portion of your revenue back to assist with further projects at the foundations discretion. Its about give and take... you have been given assistance so why not help future others to have the same opportunity as you? In the interest of professionalism we would hope you provide a revenue stream back in time equal to what you received though you may opt to give more or less. The foundation will post your return percent to give the community an indication of involvement. This is not to name or shame but to promote the transparency of the program so nothing is hidden.

- Digital currency can be used for many things much like fiat but we are looking for projects that promote business and peoples lives through enrichment / advancement. We are open to all project plans but please understand in initial phases there is a limit to the donated funds so projects will be funded based on the foundations approval. We encourage everyone to apply. This is the coin to be used by the world. Lets us know what you can offer and we'll help as best we can.

Furthering netcoin and digital currency
- feeding starving children, providing a way to spend netcoin for tangible goods, sponsoring research, these all give the netcoin branding a strong positive feel. Do you have a project or service that traditionally takes fiat but would like to offer a netcoin payment? Digital currency provides everyday users with the ability to be their own bank. We are interested in any projects that have this migration. E.g. a faucet that promotes digital currency in a netcoin flavour.
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Re: Start Here : Information
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2015, 05:43:42 AM »
 I think this is a solid game plan. Transparent, fair, orderly, ethical....good practices all. My opinion is that this is all good.