Author Topic: PRIMER: How to combine coins into one block  (Read 1205 times)


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PRIMER: How to combine coins into one block
« on: October 12, 2015, 12:27:13 PM »

Why do you/would you want to do this?  Well, by doing this, you lump all your coins (in one swoop) into a single block.  By doing this, you are then able to maximize your PIR quicker.

1.   You must first enable “coin control”
         a.   to do this,
2.   Go to the Send Coins by clicking on the “send coins tab”
3.   In coin control, click on “ inputs”
4.   Select “List Mode”
5.   Make sure every box is ticked
6.   Hit Ok.
7.   Go back to Overview:  CHECK
         a.   Do you have any coins in maturing stake section?  If so, you might not want to proceed until these coins 
                have matured and all your coins are in “spendable”
8.   Go back to “Send coins”
9.   On the far right, there is a number following the description: After Fee.
a.   Copy that number
10.   Down on the left, you’ll see a box that says “amount” with a drop down “net”
11.   Paste the number into that box (as if you were going to send all your coins somewhere.  Which, you “are” in that
        you are sending all your coins into one yourself, thus, all your coins will then mature together).
12.   Go to “receive coins.”
13.   Create An address (or select one you have)
14.   MAKE SURE you are in “receive coins” and not your address book.  you don’t want to send all your NET to someone
        by accident.
15.   Highlight that address and copy it.
16.   Go back to “send coins”.
17.   Paste your address into the “Pay to” bar.
18.   Hit send (It will say 0.00 sent and possibly “insufficient funds”.
19.   Go to your main page.  You’ll see “0.00 netcoin sent.
20.   GO back to “send coins” and “inputs” and you should now see one input, with all your NET there.
21.   On the main page click unlock button to unlock your wallet for staking again. Everytime you send coins the wallet locks for staking. Make sure you unlock it again. Padlock icon should look unlocked down the bottom right.