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Bitcoin ads service BitTeaser launches
« on: September 30, 2015, 11:05:01 AM »
A new advertising service, similar to Google’s AdSense programme, brings together advertisers and publishers – with all the benefits of cryptocurrency built in.

Looking for a bit of a tease? Or to earn a few bits teasing others and building the crypto economy? Well BitTeaser , the exciting new crypto ads service, is set to disrupt the paid web advertising space. The initiative acts as bridge that connects advertisers to web sites who will host their adverts, in much the same way that Google’s AdSense programme works. Although it leverages cryptocurrency technology and is focused on crypto businesses and projects, BitTeaser is designed to appeal to a wide range of sectors, including Technology, Investing, Finance, Business News, Entertainment, and Gambling.

How it works

The webmaster/publisher reserves space on the target website and is given a snippet of code that displays and rotates adverts automatically. Publishers cannot choose to display specific ads, only the overall topic and type of block or banner displayed. The advertiser deposits bitcoin to their account. Once the campaign has been approved by an administrator, adverts are displayed on the publisher’s site and the publisher is paid per click. Cryptocurrencies are stored securely and no hot wallets are used.

The advantages

There are a number of benefits to using BitTeaser  and cryptocurrency over competitors’ services:

BitTeaser offers the highest percentage of revenues per click
Banners are fully customisable and can be any size
Ultra-fast registration and deposit – get started almost instantly
No bank account is required
The fully international service enables publishers who would not otherwise have easy access to bitcoin to earn cryptocurrency revenues
Efficiency of cryptocurrency means minimum withdrawal is just 0.1 BTC (around $25)
Anonymous payments
Any crypto can be used through a partnership with Danish exchange CCEDK and instant exchange service CCPAYT.
CCEDK’s instant order option allows you to exchange bitcoins or BitShares to USD or EUR. These can also be spent using the nanocard, a debit card that converts crypto balances to fiat from an exchange account in real time, as featured on Forbes – meaning there’s every reason to stay with BitTeaser for the long term.

Quality advertising

BitTeaser uses a series of manual and automatic procedures to ensure only high-quality sites are employed for advertising, and that fake clicks are disallowed. IP address and other checks are carried out, and advertisers can always choose to block undesirable sites from hosting their ads. Any concerns and questions are dealt with quickly and personally.

Websites are also evaluated on a number of criteria to ensure they are suitable and offer high-quality traffic. Registration date and traffic volumes are checked, the standard of content is evaluated, search engine rankings researched and regular tests for hidden links conducted – meaning that any visitors to the site are likely to be genuine. BitTeaser payouts vary but are higher for better sites, judged by quality of website, traffic volumes, cost-per-click and number of unique users. An affiliate scheme is also offered.

Writers partnerships

A new service to be launched in the coming weeks enables writers to submit articles for advertisers to display, thereby using unique content to drive traffic to the site – and pay writers in cryptocurrency for their work.

Article via BitTeaser - advertising crypto network

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Re: Bitcoin ads service BitTeaser launches
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2015, 09:28:04 AM »
Hey everyone,

As promised, we upgraded our admin panel, hopefully you are going to enjoy it. And some of our users had problems last couple days, because we were moving to new host and were upgrading the administrative panel. Seems like now everything should be back to normal and operating correctly, but if you notice some Errors, please email us directly or leave a comment here. All help and feedback are appreciated, we would be glad to make the use of BitTeaser ( as much comfortable as we can.

So, what is new?

New admin panel:

- ability to deposit and withdraw fiat (for now, only through Payeer, but will expand the list)

- new design and comfy to use interface

- free service of uploading the articles

- detailed campaign statistics for specific requested time periods, if needed

- new tab Partners, where you can find promo materials with code

- statistics on partner activity, and brought referrals, profit of partner, etc

- CPC/CPM plus CPA model coming soon

- ability to finance, or put on hold, or activate each campaign individually

- improved security system

P.S. Soon, you will be able to profit from articles, clicking on banners or teasers that will be rotating in the articles. We are planning to give an opportunity to our users, to place the article for free and make money! But this option is still under development, with condition COMING SOON. So far, please, feel free to share news articles with BitTeaser! ;)

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Thanks and welcome!  :D


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Re: Bitcoin ads service BitTeaser launches
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2015, 09:32:51 AM »



•   Instant payouts
•   Revenue share up to 20%
•   Total anonymity
•   Fast growing market
•   Affiliate promo materials
•   Detailed statistics

All users who have followed a link from your web page would be tied to your account and we will always share the revenue with you!


•   create an account
•   take your referral link or use promo banners
•   place it on your website or blog
•   start earning


We offer revenue share plans for advertisers and publishers you refer:


You will get the interest from the whole ad campaign

- 15% from the budget of a new advertiser
- 10% from the budget of an established advertiser


You will get the interest from the whole publisher campaign

- 15% from the budget of a new webmaster
- 10% from the budget of an established webmaster

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